Key advantages for your business success:

· Win new customers: your entry in Rogarema will publicise your business, branches / subsidiaries, products and services throughout the countries affiliated to the platform.

· Present your products and services
in the market place - nationally or both nationally and internationally.

· Registration of additional branches / subsidiaries
across affiliated countries increases the chance of your corporate chain being found. Branches / subsidiaries are linked to one another and presented as a chain.

Profile Manager - Convenient system for managing your individual company details. You can edit your industries, keywords and company profile, review statistics, or publish and manage bids in the market place.

· Multilingual industries that are translated into all the languages used on the platform. Businesses operating internationally can be found by industry, via searches and translated searches across all the platform’s affiliated countries.

· Operating internationally?
Firms can indicate this in their profile, enabling your industries in both national language and translation, as well as your keywords, to be found via searches from abroad.

Rogarema is . . .

· an international search platform,
that brings immediate visibility to your firm, branches / subsidiaries, products and services, in Denmark and, if you release your profile for international searches, across all countries affiliated to the platform.

· a specialised search platform to search for businesses in Denmark and other countries, optimised for transnational
industry, product, service, firm and branch searches.

· a multilingual platform on which you can perform searches in your national language or in English.
Industries and search results can be displayed both in your national language and in English.

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